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What's in a name?

With thanks to William Shakespeare for letting me borrow this line to talk about quilts...

I have finished putting sleeves on five of my quilts as I get them ready for an exhibit a few months from now. These pieces also need labels, and here's where I am stumped.

Normally, my artwork talks to me: it tells me its name once it is finished. But these are not talking and I can't put labels on them until I know what they call themselves. But my tired mind is a blank

Here's one that needs a title. What does it say to you?

and what about this one?

I sometimes think that a title says more about the person who names it than about the piece itself. My partner, who has a mathematical mind, came up with a title for a piece that I would never have thought of. But it was perfect.

If you have any thoughts, leave them in the comments.


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