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how long did it take you to make that?

July 8, 2019

I hate that question, don't you?  Grrrr.....  

Those of us who make art or anything else by hand that requires  thought, care, creativity and most of all --time--knows what a silly question that is.


This series of triangles has been kicking around my studio in one form or another for a little more than a year.  I had put them together in March, 2018 and unsure of whether I liked what I had, I took them apart.  Today, in desperate need of inspiration, I put them together again.  Yes, I am inspired.  And I still don't know where to go from here.  

 It could take me another year of contemplation and unsatisfactory starts and experiments before I finally make a piece that works for me. (or not). Should it be longer? (see below).  Will it be a central motif?  Should I add another column? Can it be a horizontal? Or should I just cut up the units and use them differently?  This is typical of my thought process once something goes on the wall.  It's a starting point -- but in any case, the answer to the above question would have to be "two years." (or not ) LOL.

 Into my carry-on bag these will go, along with a ton of other fabrics I am taking with me when I leave on Tuesday for a  vacation.  This trip is for ME! No teaching; just laughter and happiness and sewing for four or so days.   So here I am again with triangles.  I was in Paducah almost exactly two years ago and in my week there I started and nearly finished the tops of two - count ' em -- TWO triangle quilts with leftovers from a quilt I had taken apart. Here they are in process on the design wall












Both improvised and they came together so easily! There was no angst because I wasn't thinking about how they would end up.  I just sliced and sewed and they told me what they wanted to be. SO - how long did it take me to essentially make two quilts?? Two weeks, if you count putting them together and stitching. 


This time, I am starting with something already put together, which does not augur well.  

Stay tuned.  I may take my computer with me so I can blog while I am there.  If not, 

you'll hear from me when I get back after July 15.


And for those of you who are participating in my UFO improv block challenge - I already have pictures of two finished pieces and can't wait till the end of July to see the rest!! Have fun - and don't think too hard.








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