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espresso and ice cream

April 17, 2018


These days I seem to be eating dinner much later than I ever did.  Today I had a lovely grain bowl made with quinoa, kale, and whatever random vegetables hadn't rotted in the veg drawer of the fridge. It was delicious and so filling I only ate half...but since quinoa is protein, it kept me going for most of the day (except for the two ginger cookies I had at 3:00).


So here I am, blogging st 9:30 with a cup of expresso and a bit of Jeni's ice cream. My supermarket started carrying Jeni's and is selling it for a bargain price (if you consider $6.99 a bargain).  

Too sweet for me, which didn't prevent me from finishing the pint over the course of a few days -- but I sprinkled sea salt on top. IMHO, it can't hold a candle to Jeni's Salted Caramel, but nothing is perfect.  


Change of subject: true confessions

About the time I switched my website and my blog to a different platform, I thought I should turn over a new leaf and have the blog be only about my work so I sounded more "professional."  Sigh...I'm sorry, but I just have to go back to being me and writing about life AND work (since they are really inseparable) -- and whatever random things cross my mind.  I am beginning to bore myself to death - and if I am boring myself to death, I must be boring you to death. 


When I was a career counselor for a decade, my clients included engineers and accountants: all very linear.  I had to warn them that I was not linear and that if I digressed, they should know that I would always come back to the original subject.  Of course, I usually remembered what the original subject was, but I was much younger then.  I can't guarantee anything these days.

I spent a little while this afternoon in the studio, mostly picking out stitches - but that's par for the course when I quilt.  Then I had to leave and go to Home Depot because the electrician is coming tomorrow and forgot to buy a ceiling fan with a light to replace the one with no light, and a vanity fixture for the redone bathroom.


Ended up with a cart full of stuff, including a mitre box & saw because I don't know what happened to the one I had in NJ. (How could I not have brought it???)  And some new hanging sticks, which I picked up from the scrap bin near the "cut it yourself" shelf. 


Just to keep this slightly art related, here is a photo of the person who keeps me company in the studio.  She used to be in my NJ living room. I met her at a house sale about 20 years ago - she was born in 1951.  Makes me smile. I really should give her a name.  Elsie? Tillie? Miranda?Well, maybe she will tell me one day what she would prefer.


 That is enough digression for today!  Do you have something keeping you company in your studio/sewing room that makes you smile?  What is it??





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