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Feet up!

August 9, 2017

My feet and the sewing machine's feet, as well.

My bobbin is out of thread -- the signal that it is time to get away from the sewing machine for a day or two.  I've been working on this quilt - stitching away (as you know, my least favorite part of the process) and am happy to have a break. But I really want to have it done before I teach my next class. We'll see.

The day started with the shower door going off the track.  I can't fix it and I contacted three people who do that kind of work and none of them called me back.  oh joy.


I spent the middle of the day in the garage, packing art supplies and moving crates and cartons around so we can put more stuff there.  I gave away a perfectly good laser printer and a DVD player that works with a tv. Every little bit helps, I suppose.


Last week, a couple of orders from Superior Threads arrived, but I couldn't even put them away until I organized my thread cabinet.  This took me two days.

The top drawer is filled with vintage Star threads that are actually still good! I don't remember where I got them -- the cabinet was a gift from my friend Audrey -- but I don't think the threads were part of it.


Valdani, which is heavier than the other threads and I don't think my Janome likes it. Also, a million small spools in colors that I never use.  What was I thinking??

This drawer holds rayon and silk threads, which I will probably never use. I no longer quilt with rayon - not crazy about the sheen. The silk threads were a gift from someone whose grandmother had left them.  They are on wooden spools(upper left) and as gorgeous as they were when they were spun.  Unused - look how vibrant they are!

 The bottom drawer's front rows have the beginnings of my Superior collection - basics and some new variagated spools. Above, some Aurifil and other random threads.  The little spools are old mercerized cotton thread - undoubtedly still good.

 So that's my story - two whole days of sorting thread.  Good grief! I can't say how long it will stay this way...



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