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July 26, 2017

Don't you hate it when a piece of art has the title of Untitled?  I do.  Is that the actual TITLE or is it just a statement that the artist has no idea what the piece is about?    I would think that almost anything would be better: Blue Dots or  Yellow Line (even if there isn't one, it would give the viewer something to think about).  But it just isn't right to send a piece out into the world without a name.  How would you like it if you didn't have a name?


This one still doesn't have a name, so I have still not put the facing on. It has not yet spoken, so I am waiting. You've seen it before, but I am not ready to release it into the world. (Not that you are not the world, but you know what I mean).

I prefer to give a piece a somewhat ambiguous name, or one that is open to interpretation. That way, the viewer can bring his/her own experiences and perceptions to the piece. Not always easy to come up with something, and sometimes you have to ask other people what they see; that can help you. But what they see has to resonate with you or neither you nor the piece will be happy.


This piece has a name, but when I posted it on Instagram, three people commented on what it reminded them of.  Interesting, since what they saw has been a recurring visual theme in my work (without my thinking about it).  So do I change the name? Or does it matter? 

 Do you  have trouble (sometimes) giving your work a title?  Do you have many Untitleds in your collection?  Do you ask other people what they see and go with their suggestions?


With that, I am leaving shortly for Paducah. Have not been there in more than three years and it is way past time for a vacation from cleaning out closets!  My next post will be from there. Yay!





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