my traditional quilts

***NB - browsing on my iPad I found this post I started who knows when? It was still in draft form, so I suppose I had better finish it and move on.

Yep, I started as a traditional quilter. What else was there in 1974 when I started

making quilts? I don't really have any photos of my work before 1993 because I didn't realize that I should have been documenting my work that long ago. Anyway, I was making mostly baby quilts in those days.

In those days I was experimenting with trad blocks (what else was there??) and was using the fabrics that I had salvaged from the aprons and blanket covers that my Nanny had made from the scraps she had brought home from the dress factory where she had worked during and after The War. All of these are vintage 1940's and '50s cottons and I just loved them.

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