I meant to sit down and sew tonight...

but I thought it was a better idea to catch up with you instead. NOT that my life is so interesting. I have been working in the studio as many afternoons as I can get there, but there are days when I haven't left the house or if I have, it has been for one of my thousands (it seems) of dental appointments. (too many to count).

Tomorrow is a teaching video day if the stars line up and the neighbors aren't as loud as usual. I have no distractions - Phil has gone back to snowy New Jersey so if I want a conversation I have to talk to myself. Not much of a stretch.

Earlier, I was flipping through my photos and found this, which is dear to my heart and one of my favorites. I don't own it - I made this Log Cabin in 1997 with Usha's Indian batiks and gave it to her to hang in her booth. I love this quilt.

On that note, vaccination fatigue is setting in. Got my second one this morning and am calling it a day.



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