the joys of travel - updated

Yes, I started this post two weeks ago, but once I left Atlanta I didn't get home until 2:30 Monday morning. This was as far as I got. July 14, 2019 sometime around 10:pm Here I am in the Delta Sky Club at the Atlanta airport. I have not yet eaten, but I probably will because when I get home at 2:am I will not feel like cooking. Don't ask. Flight out of Nashville was delayed, so to make a very long story short, we were all rebooked on the 11:32 flight to West Palm Beach, which gets in at 1:30 am. We did actually get to Atlanta in time to make our original flight but they had given our seats away. Overbooked, so putting us on the waitlist wasn't going to go anywhere. I will Uber home from

Fun in Paducah

Ahhh...what can I say? I landed Tuesday and can't believe it is already Friday. I'm on vacation - hanging out with Helene and Bob Davis in their beautiful Jefferson Street Studios. I came to laugh, to find inspiration, and to sew -- and I'm doing all three things. The day I arrived I had to go to Hancock's to buy muslin, so we went straight from the airport. I love using muslin in my work. Although a lot of my recent work uses white, I really don't love it. I'm much happier with the soft look of unbleached muslin -- maybe because when I started quilting in 1974 that's what I used. I have three yards, which should last me for a while. We've been sewing in the gallery because I am allergic

how long did it take you to make that?

I hate that question, don't you? Grrrr..... Those of us who make art or anything else by hand that requires thought, care, creativity and most of all --time--knows what a silly question that is. This series of triangles has been kicking around my studio in one form or another for a little more than a year. I had put them together in March, 2018 and unsure of whether I liked what I had, I took them apart. Today, in desperate need of inspiration, I put them together again. Yes, I am inspired. And I still don't know where to go from here. It could take me another year of contemplation and unsatisfactory starts and experiments before I finally make a piece that works for me. (or not). Shou

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