cleaning up the mess

I am in Grand Junction now, but before I left I spent three days sorting and organizing the fabrics. This is an exercise in futility because it will look like this for about five minutes. But it is something I have to do a couple of times a year. This is the tip of the iceberg. And this is one that doesn’t melt. I am in Grand Junction now, but before I left home I spent three days trying to get my fabrics organized. It doesn’t matter that they cannot possibly stay that way; I am still compelled to do it. Here are those scraps afterwards. And then there were the African fabrics. after. and two bins of solids. Here are the large pieces. and the smaller ones. This is as far as I got. The re

and the winners are...

The random number generator did its work and here are the lucky random people who will have the creative challenge of transforming two blocks into something different and special! Improv and certainly more modern than these lovely traditional blocks. Don't forget to take before and after pictures so everybody can see what magic you have performed! If your name is on the list, email me with your full name, email and home address and when I get back from teaching in Grand Junction, CO sometime next week, I will send you your blocks. Here is the list, alphabetical by first name:-). Bev Chevront Connie Akers Martinev59 Marian Velarde Marianne Marty Mason Sandra Ellison Tova You have until the w

catching up with the past

I started my first blog on Blogger in January 2005. On May 30, 2017, when I redesigned my website and switched providers, I connected my new blog to my website. This is what you are reading now. There's a lot of content at my old blog and I wasn't able to migrate it, but my original blog is still available to read at If you have insomnia one night or are sitting around one day with nothing to do, or you need a mindless break, you might want have a look at what I was writing here and there during those dozen years--especially if you didn't discover me until two years ago LOL Here are a few of the works I did in 2005. I was printing in those days . This was fo

Found on the freebie table

I mostly don't bother looking on the "I don't want it, you can have it" table at the guild meeting because I don't need one more block, book, or spool. But last weekend I spotted a pile of unused traditional blocks on the giveaway table. Hmmm...this is a Modern Guild so I can understand it. Did I want them? No. But I couldn't leave them there because I knew that somebody would want them. But since I do not know a single somebody who needs 17 traditional blocks, I had an idea. Spread the wealth!!! With that, I offer you a challenge! Since you are so creative, I offer you the opportunity to get creative with two blocks from this lovely stash which somebody gave up on. I stuck them randomly

a little food porn

My mother used to say that if money were no object she would hire a cook. A COOK? I could never understand that. I loved to cook - and I still do. But I understand it now. She was a pretty good cook but worked part time, and later in life, full time. I'm tired when I come home from work and since I live alone (most of the time), if I want to eat, I have to cook. I have many wonderful ethnic cookbooks (Indian, Israeli, Greek, Lebanese) but most frequently, the NY Times Cooking App is my go-to. When I got home from my Rectangle class I made Melissa Clark's Green Shakshuka. Quick, easy, delicious. Fortunately, I had a half a leftover avocado and I have a fairly robust cilantro plant on my

Consider the rectangle...

Busy weekend teaching at the South Florida MQG -- two very different days. Saturday was Rectangle Day -- working with darks, mediums, and lights, we made rectangles that looked like this and worked with them to make a small piece that worked as a composition. The class was full and everybody's color choices were different. nobody's work looked the same as anyone else's. This is really a two-day class, but since we only had one day, I don't have finished pieces to show you. Nevertheless, some wonderful things were happening on the design wall. Here are a few that will give you an idea of the diversity. Remember: same starting point! This class is really a design challenge because there is

A change of pace in the studio

I'm teaching this weekend at the South Florida MQG (hooray, I don't have to get on a plane!) and went to the studio to get my stuff together for the classes. BUT I got sidetracked (big surprise). Since it was only Thursday I knew I could get ready on Friday -- so I sat down with my new paints and fooled around, without caring what it looked like when I finished because I was experimenting. I have about a million small gallery-wrapped canvases (canvi??) I bought to wrap small quilts around. But since I haven't made any quilts between 6"x 6" and 12" x 12" in a few years, I decided I would paint on them (or at least one). I paint the same way I work with fabric - just starting to improvise

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