now, where was I?

Ah - about to post some of the pictures of my second group of talented French (and one American) quiltmakers. Such fun! I seem to be back on U.S. east coast time, after a week. Thank goodness! Five days allows a lot of time to teach a variety of things, and we were able to cover a lot of territory in the Modern Improv department. So here, some photos from my week 2 class in Brittany. It's amazing what you can do with rectangles once you start cutting and playing. I was delighted with the variety my participants came up with! I didn't get them all, but here are some on the design walls. And here are a couple of cool riffs on the kite blocks. And this one cleverly combines both the kite an

In the interim...

As you can tell, I never did get that minute to post. I am home now, but that's another story. Week two was another nonstop and another delightful group of women who bonded so well that they want to continue with an email group. Hope it happens! Between classes I had one day, which I spent happily with Chantal and Olivier, seeing the sights in Quimper. Chantal was in my first class and they were generous with their time to make my day a pleasure. We stopped first in Pont l'Abbé to see the famous bridge with houses built on top of it. Yes, people live there. Then we went to the Breton museum. Brittany has quite a history and a unique culture -- and the costumes were quite something to see

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