a nonstop week in Pont-L'Abbé

I have finally got a free day between workshops to catch you up! I had a wonderful week with my first group of eight women. The new group has arrived but I want to fill you in a bit before tomorrow. Just a few photos from the workshop. As usual, I was too busy teaching and chatting to remember to take a lot of pictures:-(. Here's Nadine hard at work, after having made some triangles. Later, she decided to cut them up.. She has already introduced another color and has promised to send me pictures when she has finished with her quilt. Check out the interesting composition on Valerie's wall. An unusual way of setting those particular blocks, and the black and white work so well with the cin

first stop, Paris

I can't believe this is my fifth (and last) day in this city. I am staying with my cousin France and two of the days were spent visiting family. As you can see, we didn't enjoy ourselves very much. One day we did ordinary things like the supermarket, so I could buy as much Amora mustard as I can carry home: six little ones,which would cost me ten times as much if I were to order them on Amazon.com when I got home. You can't buy Amora in any supermarket in the U.S. that I have ever seen. We went to the marché so France could buy some good local berries. And we went to the sports store where I shopped for a light jacket because I forgot that it can be cool in Bretagne. This is what happens whe

Wrestling with a quilt

Literally and figuratively. Quilt #1 This started as a bunch of string blocks, which I didn't want to use in a tradional way. So... I wondered what would happen if I cut off a corner of each block and filled it with a white triangle. Hmm...it didn't quite work the way I had imagined it would and I ended up with a bunch of wonky octagons that just looked boring and weird when I put them together in rows (see top and right-hand photo). So I wondered what if I took them apart and made a deconstructed version(lower left)? It took me quite a while to find a layout that worked for me as composition, but I finally sewed it together and quilted it. It took hours and hours and hours and days and

Multitasking in and out of the studio

Never a good idea. Multitasking generally means not doing anything very well because you are so scattered. Haha - that doesn't prevent me from doing so, because I have no choice. I'm packing to leave for an international teaching trip on Monday. My suitcase is half full of clothes and half full of fabric. Tip of iceberg below. It's not that I NEED all this fabric, but I keep imagining that I can go back into the classroom at night and sew. Incorrigable! I'm flying into Paris and will spend 5 days with my cousin France. France's mother (Mala) and my mother (Molly) were first cousins (their fathers were brothers) and they were named after their grandmother, Malka. My grandfather came to

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