Quilt Wyoming - trip home and more

At the last minute, I got a text from United that said "YOU have a new seat!" (as though that was good news). When I followed the link I discovered that not only had they rebooked me on different flights from the original ones, but the "new seats" meant NO seats. Every seat in coach was already taken on the second leg from Denver to Tampa. What is a person to do? I nabbed a first class seat,called United, and told them they had to give me that seat. They did. So that part was fine. Comfy seat, free drinks, and actually good food. But the third leg of the trip, instead of being on a United flight from Newark to Palm Beach, was on a Silver Airways 30-seat propeller plane (ever hear of it??)

Quilt Wyoming - a week later

First, the good news. My Quilt Wyoming experience was wonderful. Lots of laughter with new friends, Grace Errea (r.) and our fun minders, Kelly and Mo, who drove us back and forth from the airport 2-1/2 hours away and kept us company on campus. Nonstop hilarity--we couldn't even stop laughing for the photo someone kindly took of us. Classes were excellent, too. I'm always amazed at how much my students get done in one day, considering that they are dealing with something entirely new. Here are a few of the in-process pieces from the string class, which show what can happen when you ask yourself "what if??" I must admit I had thought about experimenting with two different background color

random quilt post

I'm not sure if the quilts are random, but yes -- the posts are on a random schedule. That is, no schedule. Ha - that's my life. I have mentally divided my days into mornings for chores and afternoons in the studio. I usually stay until I'm hungry for dinner (or until the daily afternoon rainstorm is over) and evenings I mostly put my feet up and read. Such an exciting life! Next week I am going to teach at Quilt Wyoming. One of the things I'll be teaching is no-pattern paper piecing (aka improv paper-piecing). I've been making examples for class and I must admit I'm loving it. Here are some of the samples on my wall. I have plenty of others but wanted to work with all solids. Just pick

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