Studio journal #3: do I remember what I did today??

Wednesday, June 27 It's all a blur. Know that feeling? My life is so boring that the big excitement was discovering a new food market this morning on the way home from doing errands. After I had bought some random items, I stopped at the Indian grocery store for cumin seed and fresh curry leaves. What I really want is my own curry leaf tree! Tonight, I started to make samosas, which I have never done before. Will finish tomorrow because I am going to bed shortly. Up too early this morning! Spent some time in the studio this afternoon and would have stayed longer but the water company was doing work and had turned off the supply in the building. Plus, my a/c kept shutting off and it is

studio journal #2

I am unaccountably happy when I am in this (messy) space. Even before I get here (it’s a 4 minute drive from my apartment and a 20 min walk but I am always schlepping STUFF), I feel a sense of joy. Last night I was too tired to clean up, so first order of business today is sorting and making room for what I need to work on today. I spent all day yesterday working with Malaysian batiks, trying to make something that worked for me. At the end of the day I gave up because nothing worked -- and it was only later that I realized why I was so frustrated. I WAS THINKING TOO MUCH. Truly: I was paralyzed. I have a lot of leftover triangles and some odd shaped scraps. Think I'll slice and combine

design inspirations

Before I left the hotel in Austin I had to take a photo of the carpet. Yes, it's crooked (the photo, not the carpet) but both the palette and the graphic design spoke to me. In fact, I am somewhat of a hotel carpet junkie. These days, they are a long way from the ugly, flowered hotel carpets of yore. (remember??) I have a collection of photos and even used one of them as inspiration for trial blocks that didn't get used. But I had to experiment. Here are a few I have phtographed through the years. Some of the colors leave something to be desired, but these are just design inspirations - jumping-off places. On Monday, before I went to the airport I was treated to a wonderful exhibit, Ance

Two fun days in Austin

It's midnight on the east coast and I just got home from Austin - via Houston. Tried to blog on my iPad but this app doesn't work on ios very well, so I'm starting again. Day One - Modern Quilts from Old Blocks. While the results weren't all "modern," they were certainly updated. Ugly/unwanted/leftover blocks were transformed by people who had never cut up their blocks before. While not all of them were put into modern context first time out, they became mini-quilts that are waaaaay better than the originals, and a lot more fun to look at! I wish I had taken “before” pix:-(. Done and ready to layer and stitch. The butterfly fabric lends a whimsical touch! This one in a modern setting is o

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