Triangles: starting over

I don't know what happened yesterday, but the gremlins first deleted most of my blog and next, ate the whole thing. While I'm waiting for 12:30 so I can check in for tomorrow's flight to Austin, TX, I will just move on. As I recall, I was talking about how I took apart a quilt that was not making me happy. An attempted zig-zag that zigged and zagged in the wrong places. I unpicked every stitch, separated every block, and ended up with so many of these that I was able to make two new quilts from the pieces. And the result made me twice as happy as I had been with the one above. This one, Slings & Arrows, was made from cut-up blocks. I added strips of other ethnic fabrics: Indian and Aborigi

rainy season

It's wet in South Florida. Yesterday, we got caught in a vicious downpour with high winds and a funnel cloud. Fortunately, we were on our way in to Whole Foods to buy a couple of vegetables. What we hadn't bargained for was being trapped in Whole Foods for an hour as we waited for the storm to pass. Unfortunately, we were forced to spend time in the gourmet cheese department and a few other aisles with items I didn't know I needed until I saw them. LOL - $81 later, I still can't think of a better place to be trapped during a storm - can you? I spent the rest of the day cooking: Mark Bittman's fabulous and easy braised artichokes, and some baked ziti to put in the freezer. What else was

welcome to my studio space!

After what feels like eons of upacking, throwing out, and moving stuff around, it's pretty much done. Yes, I wanted a snazzy studio with a beautiful cutting table in the middle of the room with underneat storage. But instead, I have a space that looks like mine always looked. Sigh...I can't seem to escape myself so I have decided to embrace the result: quirky, mostly cluttered, and distinctly unglamorous. But it works. The sewing machine is in the middle of the room facing the windows and looking at my nice, welcoming corner near the door. A great place to sit and have a glass of wine in the late afternoon. (especially if I move the plant first). Behind me, as I sit at the machine - more

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