I should buy stock in Home Depot

I have been there every day for the past week - sometimes twice in one day! Am I done? This morning's run was for the following items. a new fixture for the studio to replace the ancient (ugly) colonial chandelier over the mid-century DWR Zero kitchen table and orange chairs from my NJ kitchen. The industrial look should work just fine -- especially for $29. As long as I was there -- I bought replacement a for the hall fixture in my apartment so I can actually see what is in the pantry -- and... New exterior dorknob/dead bolts for both apartments - with matching keys so I'll have only ONE key that fits both the house and the studio. How efficient!! White primer/paint combination for my por

transforming the studio

As I think I mentioned a while ago, I bought a one-bedroom apartment to use as a studio/overflow guest accomodation. The lighting was poor-to-non existent, the ceiling fan was yucky, and despite that, I set up my tables and worked when I could.The electrician is mostly finished, except for the track lighting and a new ceiling fan that will not be imminently falling on my head. The painters are in full swing, everything is in the bedroom, and the place looks good, empty. My sewing and ironing tables were against the windows, There was light and I could look outside and wave at everybody who went by (mostly 2 neighbors). This kept me from feeling isolated -- except that the a/c blew on my le

espresso and ice cream

These days I seem to be eating dinner much later than I ever did. Today I had a lovely grain bowl made with quinoa, kale, and whatever random vegetables hadn't rotted in the veg drawer of the fridge. It was delicious and so filling I only ate half...but since quinoa is protein, it kept me going for most of the day (except for the two ginger cookies I had at 3:00). So here I am, blogging st 9:30 with a cup of expresso and a bit of Jeni's ice cream. My supermarket started carrying Jeni's and is selling it for a bargain price (if you consider $6.99 a bargain). Too sweet for me, which didn't prevent me from finishing the pint over the course of a few days -- but I sprinkled sea salt on top. IMH

"I can do that!"

My grown children still laugh and roll their eyes when they hear me say it. The first time I said it was when I fell in love with an antique quilt and couldn't afford to buy one. I was 33 years old. All by hand: no rotary cutters, no special quilt rulers, and no pattern books except one. The most recent "I can do that (maybe)" was this past week. I don't have a "before" picture of the hall closet, but if you remember Fibber McGee, you can imagine what it looked like. Even I couldn't stand it. I had bought a seven hook gizmo at the Container Store to put on the wall for hanging mops and brooms and things like that. But Phil is away (and anyway, he claims to be a software guy, not a hardwa

Eyes, quilts, and other miscellany

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. Failed my eye test at the Driver's License Bureau because I have an irreparable condition in my right eye. The lady told me to put my glasses on and I told her it wouldn't make any difference, so she handed me a form and told me to have the eye doctor fill it out. In other words, an official document that indicates that you are ok to drive even if you are partially blind in one eye. That explains a lot about Florida drivers. This morning I spent 2 hours at a retinologist's. After 8,000 different tests and scans and photos, he concluded that I have great vision for a person with blind spots. LOL. Spent much of the afternoon in the studio, trying to deci

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