It was one of those days.

You know the kind -- when it starts out wrong and goes downhillf from there. As you know, I moved to Florida about eight weeks ago. Today I found a letter from my healthcare carrier threatening to end my insurance if I didn't verify my new address. After an hour on hold, settled. Moving to Florida will cost me more than $100/month in premium increases because of all the old people (of which I am one, I suppose). Sigh... but my prescription insurance went down by $4/month. Yippee - what a deal! This afternoon I had an appointment to get my Fla driver's license and the security getting into the gov. building was ten times worse than the nastiest airport security I had ever been through. Of

cleaning my oven at midnight?

Yep. I thought it was time to see if the self-cleaning part of my range works. Nothing else around here self-cleans, and my live-in help (guess who?) is about to give notice. But tomorrow is my day off, so I may reconsider after a break. I have a tiny kitchen, compared to what I had in NJ (below) - but it is very efficient. The oven is self-cleaning as we speak. I can't open the window to let out the fumes because the screen is broken and the little lizard-y creatures will come in to visit. Not in the mood for visitors tonight. The pots on the sill contain basil and mint - my two must-haves. My ginger plant died of sadness when it was leaving NJ, so I have started again. These are on the

Out-takes from my book

While you are designing on the wall, do yourself a favor and take pix of everything as you go along. You never know when you will need them, even if they are ideas or arrangements you rejected. Trust me on this. As I was experimenting with "what if?" and writing, I shot pictures as I worked -- just for the record. Here's one of the blocks that went into the quilt that is on the cover of my book. When I photographed this experimental block, I didn't know where it would end up -- but I kept going. Then I found a stack of leftover string blocks from years earlier and since I was writing a chapter on modern strings, I experimented with those, cutting them the same way I had sliced the gray s

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