Quilts and more quilts

I really did not take many photos, compared to most other people at QuiltCon. But here are two of my favorites -- followed by my picks of the fabulous and moving quilts in the Youth category. The exhibit across the way from the main hall showcased remarkable quilts made by children -- or at least, young people. Here is one about the maker's family that I just loved. Deliciously whimsical, isn't it? Then there were the quilts on social justice that were from one particular school. I couldn't take pictures of the Trayvon Martin quilts or the "I can't breathe" quilt. But here are two that highlight the sad fact that our children today have to live in a world like this. Finally, the show-st

Last day at QuiltCon

It has been great making new friends and seeing old ones, and I am still not on quilt-overload, believe it or not. There are some spectacular ones here, and some real (what I call) head-scratchers. But there is no accounting for taste and that’s what makes the show so interesting. This is the winner in the negative space category and notwithstanding the category, I think the design and color choices are outstanding. Here is a quilt by Carolyn Friedlander I kept coming back to, and I’m not sure why. I find it comforting, and yet the positive/negative and varied triangle sizes keep it interesting. I want to turn it in all four directions and see how it changes. When the triangles are vertica

Day one at Quiltcon 2018

Wandered the vendor isles and didn’t buy a single piece of fabric. We’ll see what happens today.  Started to look at the quilts — ahd a bit of trouble finding my own, but finally did. Not a good photo of either the quilt or the maker, but oh well.  I was happy to see what good company I was in. Here are a few that caught my eye on a quick, preliminary run-through. The first and my most favorite, is this stunner from Marianne Haak.  I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get the names of the other makers - but I hope to rectify that today. Heading over to the exhibit hall now.

one step at a time

I've been slaving away at the studio - putting fabric into bins and moving furniture around. It's getting there...slowly but surely. This is the view from my big old chair on the other side of the room. These rolling thingies are filled with mountains of fabric that won't fit into the plastic boxes on the shelves. They can't stay where they are, since this is where I am considering putting my design wall. Previously, the metal shelving was there, but I have moved it to the other side of the room. Photos tomorrow. Those two tables in the foreground are there merely to see whether I can create a 4 ft x 4 ft cutting/ironing station in the middle of the room with some storage underneath. No

up for air

Hope you'll forgive my silence; I've been buried in cardboard boxes! Too much stuff, too little space, and many trips to Goodwill later, we are starting to make a dent in the unpacking after three weeks. Not one single room in this apartment is clutter-free, but one side of the guest room is getting there. Do not ask to see the other side - LOL. Phil has been here to help me with the heavy lifting, but he is leaving tomorrow to go back to New Jersey for a month. Meantime, we have finally started to get my much-awaited studio space into something that might pass for usable. In NJ, I had a large studio outside of the house for printing and designing, and a small sewing room at home. Here

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