an improv dinner and other adventures

Happy Holidays, everybody. I've had my head buried in bubble wrap, tape, plastic bags, and cartons for the last frantic 3 weeks - and so tired I've gone to bed at 8:pm. Today, the 1-800-GOT-JUNK people were here and took away some large items I can't take with me. Sigh of relief...but still a long way to go with only a couple of weeks till I have to leave an empty house. ARGH. On the other hand, I finally felt I could take a blogging break after the junk people left -- so here I am. I have yet to clear enough space in my sewing room so I can sit down and make a sleeve for my quilt that is going to QuiltCon -- but I'm working on it. (maybe I should have had the junk people help me out he

No time to do Improv!

Have been packing boxes, throwing out STUFF, and filling bags and boxes to donate all those kitchen items I don't have room for in my Florida apartment. Still tripping over bags and boxes of fabric that need to be tamed and boxed or put into plastic bags. I suppose this is not much worse than it normally looks, but at least I can usually clear a path to the cutting table. Not now. I was in Florida for a couple of days last week to measure walls and was relieved to see that I already have at least two sewing machines there: my trusty Singer 301 and the little Brother I bought as a lightweight. I gave my Singer 99 to my daughter-in-law Nancy, who had given her Featherweight to my granddaught

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