return to the scene of the crime

Fast forward to Sat morning, after I had dined so well at Pappadeaux. When I wanted to make a purchase at Market—no credit card. oops! had I dropped at the restaurant? back I went. They searched and searched - no card. So I called the bank and told them my last purchase had been the night before at Pappadeaux. "You mean you didn't buy $60 worth of donuts at Shipley's at 1:30 this morning?" I am still laughing. I mean, if you had stolen a credit card wouldn't you buy something more expensive?? I went back for dinner that night with my friend Annie and told the manager the story, then suggested to the waiter that maybe they could comp me a drink. We had a lovely dinner. Here's Annie wi

Hi from Houston

So sorr y I’ve been quiet — life has gotten in the way.  I’ve just put my house on the market and the craziness there has started, but I arrived at Quilt Market Friday afternoon. Got to the Convention Center, where I was greeted by these very helpful signs. Then I made my way to the room where I participated in a “Schoolhouse”, which is an info session for shop owners, given by those of us who have new books. Saturday, Market was set up and open for business.  I had a list of people I wanted to see, so off I went and checked off my list, which still has a few unchecked.  After lunch, I made a video about the book, and today Book signing event. No trip is complete without great food.  Dinner

sneak peek at a hard copy

So I finally got to my house about 2:00 this morning, what with flight delays out of Denver yesterday. I slept right through an appointment, which I have now rescheduled for next Monday. Presumably, I will be back in my own time zone by then. I had plenty of time to read All the Light We Cannot See, while we were in the air -- and I finished it this m. Truthfully, I was not overly fond of it -- it was painful to read and I found myself turning the pages to avoid the worst parts. I will say that it was well written, but it is a relief to get back to a British police procedural later today. Speaking of books... I'm pretty excited that a hard copy of my book arrived today I've been too busy

Cinderella quilts and snow

but just a dusting on the ground at the Denver airport.  Landed for a 3 hr layover, happily ensconsed in the United Club. The week in lovely Jackson Hole flew and the two days  in class were gone in a blink.  Nineteen quilters came in with the tired, the sad, and the ugly — blocks they thought needed triage.  I even brought some of mine to donate to the cause. Can you tell what a fun time they were having? Although I asked them to take “before” shots, most of them forgot.  But here two of George’s initial redos. From traditional to art! While I don’t have the originals, here are some of the redos I was able to capture. Tatyana camewith a beyond-busy kids’ quilt with only prints.  This went t

sewing and sightseeing

What a happy combination!  I spent this morning stitching on a quilt I am ready to be done with. I traveled with my Featherweight for the first time and am so happy I brought it with me.  But it needs new cords and the bulb is out😟. Tomorrow monring I hope to trim the batting and add a couple more lines of stitching on each side and deal with a facing. But we shall see. This afternoon, a fabulous tour of the national park!  Can I please take these mountains home with me?? Here I am with my hostess Susan and two friends, Deb and Jan, (splendid tour guides)who will be in my class over the weekend. Deb has a red Featherweight!  Did you ever see anything so divine? It made my own machine look a

Writing from Jackson Hole

Jet lag - it is two hours earlier here and I’m ready for bed.  Not teaching till the weekend, so I have two days of leisure with my lovely host, Susan.  Sightseeing and sewing —hooray! We are in the valley, surrounded by mountains and it is gorgeous here. But I don’t have any photos taken on the ground yet — only this one that I took from the plane today.  I leave you with this beautiful vision of the Grand Tetons. Looks the way I always pictured Shangri-La. More tomorrow. xo

off to the wild west

Probably not so wild these days - but I expect the landscape to be beautiful. It should be even more beautiful once my class has done a bit of cosmetic surgery on their bleh blocks and tops. Should be fun! I have my own pile of bleh blocks, but I'm leaving those aside while I play around with some "what ifs." In the last few days I've experimented nonstop, and here's what is on my wall tonight. These are such fun! Same block, different sizes and fabrics. I have some other ideas, but those experiments will have to wait until I get back from my next trip. In the meantime, I will keep you posted from the Wild West. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I'd be interested to know becau

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