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where have I been?

Home, for the most part, and in my sewing room for much of that time. I am finally putting the facing on the quilt I have been working on for Usha. I gave myself a deadline and put off most other things till I was done. It's late, so I will finish the last of the hand-stitching tomorrow. Then, a fresh start on something else I want to try. Monday was a city day: Phil and I went to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Rauschenberg and Friends exhibit and the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. The Wright exhibit was mostly his architectural drawings -- rooms and rooms of them. Some of the buildings were built; others were never realized. But honestly, too much detail to take in. I don't know wh

on deck

Or rather, on the deck. Finally, the weather is beautiful - hot, not humid, and sunny. The climate change gods are taking a break (at least in northern NJ). And like them, I am also taking a break from my least favorite part of making a quilt. The actual quilting.(but let's not go there now). Ou plutôt, sur le patio. Enfin, il fait beau: chaud, pas humide, et du soleil. Les dieux des changements climatiques prennent une pause (au moins, dans le nord de NJ). Comme les dieux du changement climatique, je fais moi aussi une pause: de mes activités les moins favori liées au couette: le quilting. (Mais nous ne serons pas là pour le moment). Mint, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and basil. Grill is on

today kept its promise

It promised to be an annoying day and in fact, it was. I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed around 9:00 and unbelievably, slept till almost 9 this morning. Il a promis d'être un jour ennuyeux et en fait, c'était. J'étais si épuisé hier soir que je suis allé me coucher vers 9 heures et, incroyablement, j'ai dormi jusqu'à 9 ce matin On the upside, my daylilies have started to bloom.(at least where the deer have not eaten the buds) Annoyance #1 - I got a late start and missed the deadline for bringing books to the donation site. . Agacement #1 - Je me suis mis en retard et j'ai manqué la date limite d'apporter des livres au site de don. Annoyance #2 - The telephone I bought on Satu

odds & ends

My quilt for Usha is at the sewing machine but it's late and I'm too tired to dare sewing. I am into the wee hours, no doubt because I made espresso black bean chili for dinner tonight and the caffeine is only now beginning to wear off. Mon quilt pour Usha est près de la machine à coudre mais il est 2h le matin et je suis trop fatiguée; je n'ose pas coudre, malgré le caffeine dans l'espresso black bean chili que j'ai mangé comme diner ce soir. This morning, my mouse (the one for my computer) died and I had to go buy another one. While I was at it, I bought a trio of new cordless phones to replace the ones that made people sound as though they were speaking through a handkerchief. They are

Quilt Fever?

If there is such a thing as working feverishly off-and-on, I've been doing that for the past few days. I'm making a quilt for Usha (with her fabrics, of course) because she is my good friend and is too busy to make one for her booth. Si on peut imaginer -- je suis en train de faire un website et un blog et en plus, je fais un quilt pour le kiosk de mon amie Usha (avec ses tissus, bien sûr). Je le fais parce qu'elle est trop occupée avec autre choses et parce que je lui ai promis de le faire. These fabrics are so squished that it's hard to see the variety -- but I have been addicted to these beautiful Indian cottons from Handloom Batik for the last twenty years. Dans cette photo il est diffi

stone soup

Last weekend we went to the farmer's market. I stocked up on the last of the NJ strawberries (which, I admit, looked better than they tasted). Vegetables, too, from the abundance there. Here they are, destined to become soup: combined with past their eat-by scraps from the fridge and the pantry;leftover steak from a restaurant dinner, dried beans, herbs, tomato paste and a hunk of romano cheese. No recipe. Stone Soup. Remember that story? Something out of nothing. My mother always said I could make something out of nothing. She was talking about meals, but she might just as well have been talking about quilts. We all work miracles with nothing. We're experts at taking bits, pieces, scrap

new website, new blog, and a content question

I was an early adopter of blogging; been writing since January 2005. I used to blog pretty much every day -- last thing before I went to bed. It started as a "thinking out loud" thing but in no time, took on a life of its own. Lately, I've blogged less often: partly because I've been super-busy and partly because I have had no time to do my own work - and nothing to share. Now I'm back to playing in the studio a bit - hooray! I've also decided it's time for a change. My website was getting tired and needed a facelift and my blog was looking as cluttered as my sewing room. The website is ready but I'm still working on my blog. Will let you know when they are both ready to go! On the content

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