Updated: Nov 5

Sigh... I spent the second of two days attempting to make order out of the chaos that is my studio. I moved tables and fabric bins. I sorted the Indian fabrics from the African fabrics from the ordinary U.S. fabrics. Sorted the hand-dyes from the commercial solids. Put thousands of strips and scraps into bins, and tried to clear some space on the floor. I brought home a sewing machine and two tubs of fabrics and was planning to play around tonight. Instead, I am drinking espresso, eating a few strawberries, tasting a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, and contemplating the fabrics I optimistically set on my dining table. They are still there, along with a cutting board, sewing machine, and a couple of rotary cutters.

I simply can't face going back to the studio because I will continue to rearrange instead of cutting and sewing and improvising. Anyway, it is almost midnight. I lost the Internet right in the middle of writing this. Grrrrrrrrrr.

The Next Day...or maybe two days later...(who can keep track???)

After having washed my African batiks in the communal washing machine (I own an apartment in a condo and the pipes are 50 years old so we can't have our own machines. Don't ask.). These machines take an hour to wash and even when you specifiy HOT, it never is. When you are washing batiks which are still stiff with was, you need boiling water to get the wax completely out. So, the other day, after removing the fabrics from the dryer, I was reduced to this:

Yep, boiling water in a plastic container in my sink, after having washed in the machine. Did the trick - it is nice and soft.

Another one is still a bit stiff, but I will use it anyway. It will be fine:-).

I brought all this fabric home several days ago because I was going to work here. Hahaha - here they sit, looking a bit neater - but still sitting. No, I lied. I cut a couple of fabrics up today but think they need to be a teensy bit bigger. I will start again tomorrow.

In my studio I have a machine that will cut 6 or 7 layers of fabric at a time but it seems to me it wastes a lot of fabric when it cuts a rectangle and leaves unusable trimmings around it. There is also a triangle template, but it is for a 4.5" square and is just not the shape I want for a 3-½" rectangle. So, I think it's more efficient to just cut the rectangles by hand, since I have to cut the triangle out of it by hand anyway.


I will let you get on with your life while I finish my late-night (here in Florida it's almost 10:00 and for me, that's too late to think. ) So I'll leave you here while I go finish my late-evening martini and go back to my detective book. I am getting an early start tomorrow: off to a new quilt group meeting with a new friend and being picked up at 9:am. What was I thinking??


I have decided that I have an attention deficit issue, which has accelerated as I reach the end of my Nth decade. If I'm interrupted while I am working (task A), I figure I had better do the thing I was interrupted for (task B), before I forget. Then after I do task B I remember that I have Task C waiting for which time I have forgotten about Task A.

My children are worried about me, and I tell my partner Phil to just put me away. But he laughs. So then I discovered that it's not dementia -- it's Fibro Fog. What a relief! I've had fibromyalgia for 30 years and now, for various reasons, Fibro Fog has descended:-(. It's kind of like Chemo Brain, which I had 20 years ago. SO - ADD has kicked in and I'm so relieved that it's not dementia. LOL.

BUT this is not what I set out to blog about.


I've been in the studio, truly unable to work. I get sidetracked cleaning up the mess and that's the end of that. So today, I am at home, thinking about getting some sewing done. But instead, I'm writing this. (probably task D). So here's task X... Showing you the genesis of a block so you are motivated to PLAY and cut up your orphan, boring, random, un-used experiments.

I have been on a triangle journey (intermittently) for quite a while. (IMPROV triangles, of course). I tend to work in spurts, making triangles like crazy and then putting them aside till I can figure out what to do with them. Occasionally, I look at the bag of random triangle blocks and use them to make a quilt.

Then there are the ones that make me wonder what I was thinking.

Bleh. so I stacked these two and decided I couldn't make them worse. (I was right).


P.S. (Excuse the threads -- they are on everything.**An elegantly dressed woman once came up to me in the aiport lounge at LAX after I had just finished teaching. "Ex-cuuuse me, did you know you have a thread - uh...?" (and she pointed at my derrière). I said "oh, I'm not surprised." And she just stared at me, speechless. End of true story.

A few slashes later, some possibilities opened up.

I sliced a few other triangles I had lying around and added to the first two, sewing them together. Then what?? Uh - lots of options. I could have added strips around the outside - or who knows what else. Instead, I laid the reconstituted block down on a square of newspaper and added around it to see what would result.

Improvising (naturally), I picked up some fabrics that were lying around (EVERYTHING is lying around in my studio. Marie Condo would not be happy).

And I just added a few more pieces of fabric

until it pleased me.

That's all there was to it. Making it up as you go along can lead to some wonderful things. (or not, in which case you cut up them again LOL).

Think I'm done blogging today. Time to get back to task A (if I can remember what it was).

If you leave me a comment, it will make me very happy.


With thanks to William Shakespeare for letting me borrow this line to talk about quilts...

I have finished putting sleeves on five of my quilts as I get them ready for an exhibit a few months from now. These pieces also need labels, and here's where I am stumped.

Normally, my artwork talks to me: it tells me its name once it is finished. But these are not talking and I can't put labels on them until I know what they call themselves. But my tired mind is a blank

Here's one that needs a title. What does it say to you?

and what about this one?

I sometimes think that a title says more about the person who names it than about the piece itself. My partner, who has a mathematical mind, came up with a title for a piece that I would never have thought of. But it was perfect.

If you have any thoughts, leave them in the comments.