I write books.  C&T has published my two books, Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth and Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.
And my third book, Create Your Own Improv Quilts: Modern Quilts with No Rules & No Rulers, debuts December 7, 2017.  Order a signed copy here.

a little bit about me...

What do I do?
(when I'm not taking  coffee breaks)
I create art for the wall using fabrics I have dyed, printed, and purchased. Working improvisationally --without patterns, I cut, design and stitch the pieces together until they tell me they are done.
I teach internationally, helping others to improvise and create original quilts wihout patterns as they design on the wall. "What if?" is our mantra as we work.
I exhibit and sell my work and I invite you to visit
 the rest of my website for more.

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