rectangles & more rectangles

I've spent half the day auditioning compositions with my rectangle variations. THIS is the part that is SO HARD! Pulling fabrics, slicing, sewing (and repeating - along with ripping, at times) is the fun part. But working on the wall is the work part -- an exercise for the eye and for the brain.

As always, my smart phone is my best friend and as I work, I take photos. If I even rearrange one or two elements, click goes the phone again. This is so I can remember what I did when what I redid doesn't please me. Yes, half the day!

The temptation to say @$#&%*** ## and sew the pieces togetheris looming large, because I am tired. But when I show you the various permutations and tell you I am going to start again, you'll probably unerstand shy. There's nothing like looking at something from a distance to see what doesn't work. Sometimes at first glance, they look the same. ARGH.

Time to leave for my root canal appointment. If I have time later, I'll play some more. If not, it will wait for the weekend because I am teaching for the next two days. Then I can look at it with fresh eyes.

This last one is as it stands right now. To be continued.

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