picking out stitches

Although un-stitching is not my favorite activity, it is kind of zen after you get into it -- especially if you've quilted straight lines that are not only not straight (mine never are exactly) but they are wandering so much that the stitches at the bottom of the quilt top end at a different spot than the stitches at the top, where you started. Before you know it, you started at 12" from the top edge and ended at 8" from the bottom edge. This will simply not do. This can be corrected with the next line of stitching, but only if you notice it before it gets out of hand. Long story short - (sort of) I spent a bit of time picking out four or five lines of stitching this afternoon. This is h

remember me??

It has been a rather busy couple of months. After I got back from London I was off to Oregon to teach in Medford for the regular guild and in Ashland for the modern guild. When I got there, I smelled what I thought was skunk. But no-oooo. Hemp and pot fields, ripening for harvest. Anyway, I had a great time and my visit was a treat on several counts. First, the local hotel had two floors and had given me a room on the second floor. Ordinarily, fine. Except that this otherwise lovely hotel had no elevator and I had a 50 pound suitcase. Fortunately, Carolyn, the workshop chair had a gorgeous home with a guest suite so I went home (unexpectedly) with her. That was a treat for me because s

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